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Tuesday, December 04, 2001

Ok, so here goes my first attempt at blogging. And i as i sit here and write i should be writing about 3 papers for the school. Procrastination and masturbation are just fine until you realize you're just fucking yourself. I worked tonight and it was actually kinda fun. I took Rosemary to the park to feed the ducks. But do you know where the duck go in the winter time? Well they certainly don't stick around Rhode Island that's for sure. It's 70 degrees out most days I figured it wasn't cold enough out for them to migrate south, but I guess the ducks realized it was December. Well luckily there were some seagulls there. Rose seemed so happy throwing the bread at them. She got a real kick out of them making noise and fighting for the scrapes she'd thrown.

Ok, so enough about work. I'm going to Baltimore this Sunday on a road/day trip to see WEEZER and TENACIOUS D which i'm very excited aboot. I'm going with my friend Erik, his roommates, and the girlies they hang out with. I'm sure it will be tons of fun. December is promising to be an excellent month for shows. I'm going to see THE GET UP KIDS with ALKALINE TRIO on 12/5 at the Palladium (even though i friggin hate that club, but shit it's the get up kids?). And Rainer Maria is coming to town on 12/13 who i haven't seen since i went with this boy Tom and his friend Dave the first time we ever hung out. My friend the good Horr aslo has an extra ticket to see H2O which i'm not all that into but they are playing with the Movielife and River City High so i'm debating on whether or not to go, considering it would be the day after going to Maryland.

Well i think i'm going to end this blog here and go knit. Christmas is coming and i need to start cranking out the scarves. Besides i get bored when reading blog entries so I try to never make mine much longer then this.

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